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Аddress : 15, Djurdjevdanska street, 31000 Uzice, Serbia
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Pevacke grupe

Since 2003. the male and female singer group is the part of the Association of citizens Era. They present old, traditional Serbian songs. These groups started their work in order to learn how to represent songs from region of Uzice. The result of that energy is the first CD "Osu se nebo zvezdama", with 18 traditional songs from this region.

Our members discovered and noted some songs on terrain, which is a special value. Mrs Sanja Rankovic, the ethnomusicologist, confirmed the value of this CD, and said that these groups had achieved very high level in performing this archaic style of singing.

Pevacke grupe

There are also songs from other parts of Serbia and Balkan on the repertoire. These groups participated in many festivals and competitions, and won important rewards and medals. Male group leader is Mr Vlastimir Veljovic, and Mrs Gordana Paunovic masters the female group.


In 2006. another group of singers was formed, young girls from 13 to 15 years old. Even so young, they perform two-part singing traditional songs. In 2009. this group won a special prise on the Republic competition in Ranilovic as the best young singer group in Serbia. Their teachers are Gordana Paunovic and Ivana Cvetkovic.